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Dreams appear as theater productions but with deeper emphasis on personal perspectives. For each of us, certain themes tend to appear throughout our lives.

Visions of libraries and pyramids dominate my nightly reviews of life. Beginning in my early childhood, I prayed for the Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding embraced by King Solomon but the crystal clear visions of libraries appeared in response to my request for developing a Divine connection with the Highest Source where I reach the highest level of enlightenment.

In them, an elderly sage patiently shares his personal library of tablets with sacred symbols kept in numerous pyramids. Sometimes, he guides me to a jungle with lavish waterfalls. Other times we travel to the ocean floor. Modest collections are stored in caves housing manatees. Some are in contemporary pyramids with interior moats and his staff of scribes.

His name is Archangel Raziel, and he’s assured me all who seek his knowledge have access to his libraries. While a flash of his presence translates into cobalt blue and golden yellow caps, his energetic frequency travels across the rainbow spectrum while his embodied figure appears as a pot of gold.

His service as the Angel of Mystery is to contain, yet share, the secrets he learned from sitting beside the throne of God. An intellect and soothsayer, Raziel documented the universal codes, which he generously translates to all who ask for answers, specifically as it relates to their spiritual paths and opening their channels of intuition. He clarifies our subconscious interpretations of our previous choices and how they relate to our current circumstances so that we know how best to move forward.

Archangel Raziel’s most famous book is the Sefer Raziel, a treatise on Divine Wisdom for survival outside God’s protected Paradise. This text includes algebraic equations and geometric problem solving for working within our material plane.

Raziel is an aristocrat of the Higher Realms and he has earned many titles carrying responsibilities. As a member of the Cherubim, which is the second tier of angels, and he intercedes on behalf of original thinkers. He was likely one of the Cherubim’s with a flaming shield around the Tree of Life when God sealed the gates to the Garden of Eden upon the first named couple’s expulsion.

Sefer Raziel, also known as The Book of Angel Raziel, was first given to Adam when he and Eve relocated from the Garden of Eden. The descended angels were jealous and sought to keep the couple in a vulnerable, misguided state of mind and living conditions. The jealous angels stole the Sefer Raziel and hid it deep within the ocean. God demanded for the angel of the deep, Rahab, to return the book to Adam.

The book and its universal Wisdom were passed down from Adam for seven generations, to a time it was found by Enoch, the father of Methuselah. Enoch revised the book to explain all aspects of spirit as The Book of the Secrets of Enoch, which is commonly referred to as, 2 Enoch. His connection with Source became pure enough for him to transcend into Heaven on a band of light as he walked with God. His embodiment spreads Divine answers to the mysteries through the flame of Metatron. Again, these images can be described as a rainbow with a pot of gold.

Noah relied on Raziel’s book for instructions on constructing the Ark and surviving the flood. He decorated the Ark with carved images of Raziel in his Cherubum form. King Solomon gained access to the book for fulfilling his quest for ultimate Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. The secrets of God instilled him with such intuition, the powers seem otherworldly and the knowledge is now misconstrued to be based on a magic where man overpowers material matter.

Raziel’s teachings reach musicians through his royal position as Prince of the Choir of Thrones, at the third tier of angels. In that persona, he is expressed as one of the flaming wheels visualized by Ezekiel with a thunderstorm in the North sky. Four flaming wheels within wheels were covered in eyes of justice as winged creatures with four heads circled the Heavens with the purpose of carrying those of the highest enlightenment, such as Elijah, directly to God.

Raziel is also the Chief of the Erelim, a member of the Sarim, and the Herald of the Deity. His guidance manifests in the writings of spiritual leaders. He is the potential of existence in the form of the Cochma, which is the second level of God consciousness in the creation of the material plane and the Higher Realms. The two interplay off one another to formulate God’s will. Philosophers Isaac the Blind, Eleazar the Perfumer, Maimonides and Abraham ben Samuel Abulafia based their studies of the Cochma and other theories relating to the sefirot or the Tree of Life on visions from Raziel.

The symbols in my romance suspense THE ICE SOCIETY were influenced by the images of Archangel Raziel. Upon completing THE ICE SOCIETY, I visited an estate of an ancestor I was named after. Just as Archangel Raziel asks us to contemplate our past connections for developing our spiritual gifts with accurate perceptions, I received confirmation of Raziel’s guidance in my family photo.

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