Joyce Sweeney Rocks the Clock

Photo: Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. by Jan Bill Artwork: Clio by Carlo Franzoni, Clock by Simon Willard Authoress, Joyce Sweeney, lives the hero’s journey with her writing. She flourishes as an author by winning the first Delacorte Press Prize for Outstanding First Young Adult Novel, the Silver Medal in the Florida Book Awards, and the … Continue reading Joyce Sweeney Rocks the Clock

Wacky Wheeler Hooks

Photo & Artwork: Manatee by Jan Bill Picture book authoress, Lisa Wheeler, hooks youngsters and their adult readers with snappy poems and ironic plots. With two-dozen published books and international sales, she delivers energetic hip-hop with jazzy beats. Energy bursts from her prose. She spreads happiness in millions of lives by the use of her … Continue reading Wacky Wheeler Hooks

Clarify the Scenes

Photo: Harry's Vanishing Teacup by Jan Bill A stimulating plot consists of twists and turns, ups and downs, highs and lows – all accomplished by variety in the types of scenes.  Intentionally distinguish the purpose of each scene to avoid repetition in the pacing of your storyline.  The following are a selection of scenes you … Continue reading Clarify the Scenes

A Humdinger Ending

Photo: Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans by Jan Bill Endings can make or break an entire story. We’ve all heard about the protagonist’s motivation dictating his actions. His motivation shapes the plot and determines the big finale of the story. Whether you’re a plotter with an outline, or a panster with a completed first draft, once you’ve … Continue reading A Humdinger Ending