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Rejuvenating Rainbow

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” ― Dolly Parton

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Fast for Faster: Bring Your Prayers to Life

We are given experiences to deepen our understanding of ourselves and how we fit in the universe.

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+ image of sunrise through clouds over Atlantic Ocean

Another Opportunity

Photo: Sunrise over Treasure Coast Atlantic by J. Wilder Bill   Thank you for another day, another opportunity to do something great.

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+ image of orange flower

Enjoy the Details

Photo: Klondike Gold Rush Pass, Alaska by Jan Bill

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+ image of sailboat at sunset in Clearwater, Florida

Know Who to Love

Photo: Clearwater, Florida by J. Wilder Bill Favorite Photo of 2017  

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+ image of Glacier Bay in Alaska


Photo: Glacier Bay, Alaska by J. Wilder Bill  

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+ image of pink teacup rose

Find Beauty

Nature shares a procession of temporary gifts,as a longstanding balance against its rare tragedies.

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+ photo of J. Wilder Bill when a child with her kitten

What is Gratitude Really All About?

When looking for love, it’s useful to know the power of gratitude.

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+ image of teacup Pomeranian at steps


The Daily Post Photo: Treasure Coast, Florida by J. Wilder Bill Waiting…

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+ image of Elvis Presley's tombstone of Jesus and angels

Pray for Us

Our duty as civilians is to offer support and prayers for authority figures of every level and position.

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