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+ by Jan Wilder Bill

Launching Life

Life goes on.

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Kathy’s Banana Split Cake

Mother’s famed Banana Split Cake has the consistency of a banana pudding with a crumbly crust.

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Chipping Sparrows Strengthen Beliefs

In the late afternoons, she stands at the lip of the basket and sings a short song like a call for nature to give her nourishment.

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Your Special Imprint Moves and Shakes

The elements that make up each of us relates to the way we express ourselves.

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+ energetic colors of aura

The Purpose of Your Life

Not all suffering is necessary in order to ward off bad karma.

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+ image of lobby at the Danieli Hotel in Venice

Venice Funnels a Spiritual Walkabout

The goddess city is an excellent setting for a modern crusade.

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+ image of sign in Tennessee mountains

Join the World Peace Diet

Dr. Will Tuttle emphasizes the significance our dietary choices make in influencing worldwide harmony.

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+ image of aero-ballerina at Du Pont Registry for cars

Love Your Dream, Live Your Love

Bonding with the average man just for the sake of sharing an interest is an expression of love.

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+ image of hurricane clouds over Atlantic Ocean

The Pleasure of Perseverance 

To understand perseverance, I compare Tom Brady, Rafael Nadal, and Michael Jordan.

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+ image of Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska

Wondrous Words of Water

Inner peace comes easily when you hear or view a body of water.

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+ image of Elvis Presley's tombstone of Jesus and angels

Pray for Us

Our duty as civilians is to offer support and prayers for authority figures of every level and position.

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+ image of polar bear mother with cub in water in San Diego

Love Life

Two wrongs do not make a right.

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