Love Your Dream, Live Your Love

Photo: Concourse d’Elegance at the duPont Registry by Jan Bill A dream. That’s where it all started for so many of us and that’s often where it all ended, unless you possessed the drive of an automobile. At the Concourse d’Elegance in Winter Park, Florida, I met three guys with enough motivation to transmute an interest in … Continue reading Love Your Dream, Live Your Love

What is Gratitude Really All About?

Photo: Jan Bill by her favorite sister When looking for love, it’s useful to know the power of gratitude. If it sounds as though I’m implying one can ramp up the love factor in his life by being thankful for what little he has, that is exactly what I mean. Those moments when you felt … Continue reading What is Gratitude Really All About?

The Tune of Deserving Love

Photo: One Foot Island, Autitaki, Cook Islands by Jan Bill During our millennial enlightenment, the trend for how to love pressures us to disconnect from responsibility. We are enticed into the false-beauty of delving into the darkest corners of our personal feelings. The shift from idealized happiness to painstaking denial is clear from the television … Continue reading The Tune of Deserving Love

Wondrous Words of Water

Photo: Mendenhall Glacier by Jan Bill Water is our salvation. Consider all the times you’ve taken time out from your hectic life with a soothing bath. Inner peace comes easily when you hear or view a body of water. Many of us plan vacations for rejuvenating our minds, bodies and souls with destinations and activities revolving … Continue reading Wondrous Words of Water

Pray for Us

Photo: Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee by Jan Bill Regardless of where you stand on today’s issues, there are times when a political leader gives a statement or supports an order that contradicts your views. The political structure allows opposing parties to create opportunities for themselves by escalating the public’s differing opinions. This gives them leverage to suppress … Continue reading Pray for Us

Love Life

Photo: San Diego Zoo by Jan Bill Our planet responds to love. We have the power to improve the circumstances. With a click of a button, you have the opportunity to witness global acts of uncertainty. Exposure to startling behavior and witnessing deteriorating conditions on Earth tend to produce waves of confusion. Images and news … Continue reading Love Life