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+ image of sailboat at sunset in Clearwater, Florida

Know Who to Love

Photo: Clearwater, Florida by J. Wilder Bill Favorite Photo of 2017  

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+ image of aero-ballerina at Du Pont Registry for cars

Love Your Dream, Live Your Love

Bonding with the average man just for the sake of sharing an interest is an expression of love.

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+ photo of J. Wilder Bill when a child with her kitten

What is Gratitude Really All About?

When looking for love, it’s useful to know the power of gratitude.

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+ image of yellow rocks in the ocean in Tahiti

The Tune of Deserving Love

During our millennial enlightenment, the trend for how to love pressures us to disconnect from responsibility.

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+ image of teacup Pomeranian at steps


The Daily Post Photo: Treasure Coast, Florida by J. Wilder Bill Waiting…

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+ image of Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska

Wondrous Words of Water

Inner peace comes easily when you hear or view a body of water.

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+ image of Elvis Presley's tombstone of Jesus and angels

Pray for Us

Our duty as civilians is to offer support and prayers for authority figures of every level and position.

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+ image of polar bear mother with cub in water in San Diego

Love Life

Two wrongs do not make a right.

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