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80% True Love

If one doesn’t figure out relationships, then he has never lived.

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Sunrise on Jekyll Island

A new day – One more day to make a change. Another chance to to accomplishment your goals. Each day is an additional opportunity for peace. Thank you, for one more day.

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+ Teacup Pomeranian Sitting in a Suitcase

Lost Love Finds Truth

Remember the type of love you experienced before being here.

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+ Buddhist Temple in Vietnam

Relationship Booster: Serenity in Saigon 

A sure-fire way to reset the idyllic images you shared between your loved ones and yourself is by exploring a historic destination together.

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+ energetic colors of aura

The Purpose of Your Life

Not all suffering is necessary in order to ward off bad karma.

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+ photo of sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean

Find Your Place

Photo: Sunrise in May by J. Wilder Bill Find Your Safe Place in the World. Hold the Moment Through the Storm.

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+ image of Japanese light trees

Parallel Light Resolves Conflicts

We all have a parallel connection with light.

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+ image of an angel in white robes

Archangel for Each Friday

With every Friday I find the grace of God in the form of true love.

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+ image of sign in Tennessee mountains

Join the World Peace Diet

Dr. Will Tuttle emphasizes the significance our dietary choices make in influencing worldwide harmony.

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+ image of Glacier Bay in Alaska


Photo: Glacier Bay, Alaska by J. Wilder Bill  

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+ image of Elvis Presley's tombstone of Jesus and angels

Pray for Us

Our duty as civilians is to offer support and prayers for authority figures of every level and position.

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+ image of polar bear mother with cub in water in San Diego

Love Life

Two wrongs do not make a right.

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